Taking full advantage of QuickTime

Quicktime has come excellent features which you should take advantage of.
  1. To take advantage of QuickTime features, you should download the video to your hard drive. To do this, click on the little black downward pointing arrow on the very bottom right hand corner of the video. Select the "Save as QuickTime Movie" option and save it on your hard drive wherever you choose.

  2. Once you have a video on your hard drive, you can view it using the QuickTime player. There are two very useful tricks that you can take advantage of here:

    1. You can adjust the brightness of the video. Click on the movie menu and select "Show Video Controls". A brightness slider will appear on the bottom of the video.

    2. You can make the video bigger by simply draging the bottom right hand corner of the QuickTime player frame.

Problems viewing the videos

After downloading, there is a blank white screen where the video should be

The probably means that your version of QuickTime is out of date. I am encoding in Sorenson 3 which is only supported by QuickTime 5. Go to the apple website and download the latest version - it is free.