Non-simultaneous drop: Testing Experiment


To test one's understanding of motion at constant acceleration.

Prior Knowledge

Motion at constant velocity and constant acceleration; motion diagrams; graphs and mathematical representations.

Description of the Experiment

Two balls are dropped one slightly before the other. Use your knowledge of falling objects t predict what will happen to the distance between the balls as they are falling: will it stay the same as it was at the instant the second ball was released? will it decrease? ill it increase? To make your prediction use the appropriate model of motion.

Addtional Information

It will help if you use different representations to make the prediction, try motion diagrams or graphs - they are the most useful.

Youtube movies can be stepped frame by frame using the , and . keys on your keyboard. If you want to download the movie to your computer, right-click or control-click HERE.


Explain the outcome of the experiment using all four representations: words, motion diagrams, graphs and mathematics. Are the representations consistent with each other?