Pennies on a Meter Stick: Testing Experiment


To test one's understanding of linear and rotational motion.

Prior Knowledge

Rotational kinematics and kinematics of linear motion.

Description of the Experiment

A meter stick is covered with pennies placed on top along is length. The meter stick is supported horizontally at both ends, with the pennies on top. Then the right end of the meter stick is released. The meter stick swings down, pivoting about the left end. Predict the motion of the meter stick and the motion of the pennies relative to the meter stick. After you made the prediction watch the video.

Youtube movies can be stepped frame by frame using the , and . keys on your keyboard. If you want to download the movie to your computer, right-click or control-click HERE.


Did the outcome of the experiment match the prediction? If not, how do you need to modify the reasoning on which you based your prediction to account for experimental evidence?