Finding the height of a table: Application Experiment


To estimate the height of a table using two independent methods.

Prior Knowledge

  1. Kinematics of free-fall.
  2. Vibrational motion.

Description of the Experiment

Watch the movie and decide what data you need to collect to estimate the height of the table using two independent methods. How will you use the data to estimate the height of the table?

Youtube movies can be stepped frame by frame using the , and . keys on your keyboard. If you want to download the movie to your computer, right-click or control-click HERE.


In preparing your answer, please make sure you take care of the following points:

  1. What are the models that you used to estimate the height of the table in each method?
  2. What assumptions are made in applying that model?
  3. How might each assumption affect your estimate ot the table height?
  4. What are the sources of experimental uncertainty? How do they affect your results and how can you minimize them?
  5. Can you give an estimate of the uncertainty in each estimate using the weakest link rule?
  6. How do you know whether your two estimates make sense? Why do they make sense? If they do not, can you suggest why not?